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The internship experience is designed to give the student an introduction to real world graphic media management in a production environment. We want the students to be exposed to a variety of different opportunities within the company so that they may come back to the University with a more specific career plan.  Upon completion of the internship, the student can plan their Senior coursework, add valuable classroom discussions drawn from real world experiences, and taylor their resume and career path in preparation for graduation.

The perfect internship would be a pre-scheduled rotation (2-3 weeks) in areas such as, customer service, sales, estimating, quality control, technical support, color management, training, human resource, new media, prepress, press, and finishing. However, a student with a known career plan after graduation may take on a more specialized internship in one of these areas listed above. Often times our students are assigned management projects (not required) that they must complete before the end of the internship while going through their rotations.  We feel that the internship experience should be between 100% to 33% management experiences (a minimum of one third managerial tasks).  If a student does find a production orientated internship, they could gain their management experiences through occasional job shadowing, attend management meetings, or taking on a managerial project that they work on when production is slow.  Please feel free to contact me if you have questions and thank you for considering an intern from the Printing & Digital Imaging program at Ferris State University.

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