Important Internship Dates & Info

Make sure that you take note of these dates if you’re in the GMAN 393 internship class. They’re important!

  1. Now (ASAP) • Prepare resume, cover letter, and secure an internship. Contact Conati it you plan on a Spring or Fall internship because the following processes and dates will be applied differently!
  2. Register during the early registration period for summer semester. To register, you must send Conati ( an email request to register with the following information; your student #, course name and number, desired semester, and the location of the internship that you have secured.
  3. Complete the Intern Information Sheet as soon as the internship is secured. Worth 10 pts, final version is due 4/28/19 or sooner. I want it submitted ASAP (February would be nice) and then you can send me an updated copy as soon as you know more internship information.
  4. Pay tuition by the designated date to prevent being dropped from the course.  Last day to drop a Summer class is 5/24/19, closes at  5:00 p.m.).  Last day to start a full time (at least 40 hours per week) internship is 6/19/19.
  5. Go to work! Remember that you are representing Ferris State University. Therefore, please dress and act as professional as you can. It is a very small industry and you could either get hired by this company after graduation or run into these people at other companies in the future. Also, know that you are paving the way or putting up road blocks for the next Ferris State University intern.
  6. Every week, fill out a Weekly Report (PDF format emailed to instructor preferred). These must be sent by 8:00 PM the Friday at the end of the week.  Any late reports will receive a 0, no exceptions. Worth 10 pts each, due weekly for 10 weeks (just need 10 reports if full time).
  7. Have your supervisor fill out the Fifth Week Evaluation form during the 5th week of your internship. Worth 25 pts, due week 5 or 6.
  8. Faculty visitation will involve an interview with you (approximately 20 minutes) and with the Internship Supervisor (approximately 20 minutes), usually between the 4th or 8th week of the internship.  The intern coordinator will try to visit most interns, however, the program budget and cost of visitation will determine whether the visitation will be economically feasible. If necessary, the instructor may opt for a video conference (FaceTime or Skype) or conduct a phone consultation with the supervisor if there are any issues.
  9. Have your supervisor fill out the Final Evaluation in the 10th or 11th week of your internship. Worth 50 pts, due week 10 or 11.
  10. Email the final report (see the outline). Worth 100 pts, due 8/7/19.